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5on, Jun 07, 2018
Prompt service. Great work! more »
Business Response:
Thanks Evan! We are happy to hear that you liked our service and would like to also thank you for the Five Star Review! #MakingLifeEasier is in our DNA - thank you for your business
5on Facebook, Jun 07, 2018
My old dry cleaner went out of business after twenty-plus years, so I went to Bibbentuckers in the next block. Couldn't be more pleased! Excellent service! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for writing us Evan - we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to do so. We'll make sure to keep #MakingLIfeEasier for you by keep up with all your garments and making you look good! 👍
5on, May 09, 2018
Great service and people working there. more »
Business Response:
Hi Jonathan; Thank you very much for taking the time to award our Uptown store a Five Star Review - we sincerely appreciate it. We know management, staff and crew work especially hard #MakingLifeEasier for you. Thanks for the vote of confidence!
5on Facebook, Apr 20, 2018
Picked up a shirt, pants and tie for a very important interview on Monday and everything looks fantastic!! more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the compliments Patrick; we appreciate the Five Star Review and wish you well and good luck on your interview on Monday! We'll keep #MakingLifeEasier with our Concierge services. 👍
4on, Apr 11, 2018
The clothes look very impressive. I loved that the bags are fully sealed and nothing hangs out. I did not like the service portion. My first visit, I was asked to come inside just so the lady could hand me a "price sheet". I had already done my research. The lady then acted like she had to go get help for any question I asked it was simple questions (i.e. can you do stain removal) When I picked up yesterday I ended up with the same lady who doesn't smile or anything and acts like its her 1st day. For the 2pc suit and 1 gown I spent $60 on I thought I would have received better service, especially since those prices that did not match up with the info on your website. I was expecting to pay $35, not $60, I personally think I was overcharged. I usually am not a complainer but the service and dollars did not match up. more »
Business Response:
Hi Keshia; thank you for your message and Review; we appreciate you taking the time to do so. We have been in business over 20 years and it is never our intention to deceive you with our pricing. Hence we have the price list in print at all of our stores and on our website - estimates are always available. As you noted some items incur an up-charge due to the specialized fabric and the extra hand work needed to clean the garment. We sincerely apologize that it was not conveyed in an appropriate way. Management will reach out to resolve this and any issues you have and make it right. We sincerely thank you for your business!
4on, Apr 09, 2018
The coupon expired before I could use it. Please send another Lost VIP 25% Off coupon for my next order. Thanks for your assistance. more »
Business Response:
Hi Mary - thanks for your message! All of our coupons are on our home page (on top look for the purple band and at the footer look where at the photo that says Spring Clean! and click it and it will take you to our specials page where all coupons are pictured. You may print this out: and click Seasonal Specials Coupon Sheet (gold colored). We are sending you an extra coupon for you via the mail. Thanks for contacting us!
5on, Apr 02, 2018
Fast and Easy, convenience of drive thru is great! more »
Business Response:
Thanks Ariana! We appreciate the call out to our Uptown store! Staff, crew and management always is working hard to keep #MakingLifeEasier for you. As a suggestion, you could also try our convenient and complimentary pick-up and delivery store to home or office so you won't have to come in Thank you for your business.
5on, Apr 01, 2018
Excellent cleaning and service more »
Business Response:
Super! Thanks Sheila! We appreciate the kudos for our Uptown store that works hard to keep #MakingLifeEasier for you and all of our customers. We aim to take care of all your garment and household goods with our Concierge services.
5on, Mar 28, 2018
Professional Services. I like Mike the delivery person. more »
Business Response:
Greeting Billie! Thanks for taking the time to contact us and complimenting your Route Manager Mike's name. He is one of the tops for our Uptown store and always gets kudos from customers. We thank you for your business and Mike for being so awesome!
4on, Mar 22, 2018
Love your location and friendly staff. Will love the pick up and drop off once I start using it. The ironing of my shirts is ehh. I have never found a dry cleaners that offers good ironing. more »
Business Response:
Hi Sam; thank you for writing and commenting on our location, services and staff. We do want to keep #MakingLifeEasire for you with all of our Concierge services ( with complimentary pick-up/delivery standard). In regards to good ironing we will make every attempt to make it right and just the way you like it. Management will reach out to resolve the issue. We appreciate and thank you for your business!
4on, Mar 10, 2018
This was the first time I used your dry cleaning service. I was pleased with the results of my suede gloves. Thank you. more »
Business Response:
Hi Julie! Thank you very much for taking the time to write and comment on a recent experience with one of our Concierge services. We sincerely thank you for taking the time. We'll continue #MakingLifeEasier by providing you the best in service. Thank you for your business.
5on Facebook, Mar 04, 2018
I had my husband’s 30+ year old old letter jacket cleaned for the FIRST time. The lady that helped me & the owner were amazing! The staff that brought it out when I picked it up—awesome too. Best of all the jacket looks way better than I expected! Wish you had a closer location, you’d have my business every week. Thank you! more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for the kudos; we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write on our Facebook page! We are happy to keep #MakingLIfeEasier for you. We have six locations to serve you in the DFW area but also provide complimentary pick-up and delivery Our six locations are right here: Thank YOU for your business! 😀😀😀😀😀
5on, Feb 26, 2018
The service was great and very prompt. It would be nice to receive an email receipt for services. Thank you! more »
Business Response:
Thanks for taking the time to write us and comment Chelsea - we appreciate you taking the time. Thank you for the kind words and awarding our Uptown store Five Stars Review! Yes we actually do have a printed e-version of your receipts and coupons we might add - it's right on our home page! Mouse over MY ACCOUNT and enter the last four digits of your phone number along with your e-mail on file. After you get in you may change the password. You can download our App from the delivery page too. Thank you for being a loyal Bibbs customer - we sincerely appreciate your business!
4on, Feb 14, 2018
UPDATE to my original review (which is listed below this update)
After posting this review management did contact me to find out more about the incident and did offer a refund of the jacket, wh
ich required me to produce my receipt of purchase. They did apologize. I have since picked up the refund and feel satisfied with that.

"You did a great job with the clothes I received. Unfortunately, One of my items was left on my front door instead of the garage. I was not notified. The item was immediately stolen. It took me 5 days to even know there was an issues because I was never notified. I called to inquire on the whereabouts of said item and was told it had been delivered. I am awaiting a refund for the stolen item.

Business response:

Hi Lisa; thanks for your message. Management is on it and will reach out to you directly."
more »
Business Response:
Thank you Lisa for taking the time through this whole mishap. Again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and loss of your garment and we are please to see that the situation was resolved to your satisfaction. Thank you for your business.
3on, Feb 09, 2018
I was given a 25% coupon, but it was not able to be added to the website. Then when I called, it wasn't added (the following day, I was charged the full amount). more »
Business Response:
Hi Tabitha; thank you for your message. We apologize for the inconvenience of the coupon not being applied the first/second time. We will rectify the situation and make sure that it's done correctly and 'make good' on our promise of complete satisfaction. Management will reach out to resolve this issue. Thank you for your business.
5on Facebook, Feb 01, 2018
We have used Bibbentuckers for about 4 years at the Southlake location. We love the pick up and delivery service. Makes it so easy. Very friendly staff. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for commenting and taking the time to write us! Our staff and crew at our Southlake store is always #MakingLIfeEasier for you. Thank you for your business! 😀
5on Facebook, Jan 27, 2018
We use the Preston Center Plaza location. They do a great job. The best thing about this place is the super stellar outstanding service we get from Katina Polk. Everyone is great there as well. more »
Business Response:
Great job and exemplary service from Ms. Katina Polk!
5on, Jan 07, 2018
The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and timely. I was able to receive my garments back within 24 hours which was very helpful! more »
Business Response:
Wow, our plant and staff at Uptown work wonders, right? Thanks for taking the time, Nicole to comment and award us the Five Stars at our Uptown store. We would give kudos to the GM Mike Wilson and his staff and plant managers and workers. We'll keep providing the best in Concierge services - thank you for your business!
5on, Jan 01, 2018
Staff was very friendly and attentive, got me in and right out. Exceptional service!! more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the Five Star Review A.G.! We appreciate you taking the time to comment and award us the Five Stars. We'll keep #MakinLifeEasier with our complete Concierge services all for you!
3on, Dec 27, 2017
Good service and convenient location near West Village, but VERY expensive. Can't afford to return! more »
Business Response:
Hi Ashley; thank you for your message; we appreciate you taking the time. We are worth it as you can see from our "Five Points of Difference" here: We work for you in different ways from our competitors. We also have Seasonal specials that you might look into right here: With our app you can use them multiple times! Thank you for your business!
4on, Dec 09, 2017
Prices are high, but staff was great and quality good more »
Business Response:
Thanks for the message and the Review, Kevin. We do have our our App (coupons are applied automatically in the App) and on the home page (at the footer) we have our Specials page with six coupons that can be used several times. This help with the price. Otherwise we do have our promise to our customers to make sure we are worth it to you and keeping your garments looking good with our Five Points of Difference ~ Thank you for your business!
5on Facebook, Dec 03, 2017
I use the McKinney location...always great customer service! They take excellent care of all my clothes but I especially trust my expensive and delicate items with Bibbentuckers. The cost is worth it for me. more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write and award us the Five Stars. We appreciate it so much and sincerely thank you. We'll keep #MakingLifeEasier so you won't have to worry about your expensive garments; our McKinney Ave management, staff and plant workers will do that for you. 👏👏👏👏👏
3on, Nov 25, 2017
Lower prices. more »
Business Response:
Hi Michael, thanks for taking the time to comment and for the feedback. We are not like the other dry cleaners and provide extra benefits: - Eco friendly, green solvents & biodegradable soaps - Free delivery - Free minor repairs - Recycling of hangers and poly - Gives back to the Community - Stand behind our work Just to let you in - we do have Seasonal Specials at the footer of our home page: These can be used several times and you can download our App to have them applied directly (just press the coupon) to your account. You can also get these via e-mail (sign-up at MY ACCOUNT blue button on our home page) . Anyway you like to communicate is good for us! Thank you for your business.
5on, Nov 22, 2017
Just continue to deliver exceptional service! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for taking the time to award us the Five Stars for our service! We'll keep #MakingLifeEasier by continuing our Concierge services for you. Many thanks!
5on, Nov 03, 2017
This was my first time using Bibbentuckers and the experience was great. The reason I decided to use Bibbentuckers because of the shoe service and was pleasantly surprised with both the cleaning and shoe shine service. I also noticed one of my buttons on the tux that was dry cleaned was replaced at no extra cost, much more than expected.

I will be going back for all my dry cleaning and shoe shine needs/
more »
Business Response:
Hi James; We thought we had responded last week but somehow the response was deleted. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and speak of your recent experience. We are happy that you are pleased and that you will continue to return - we love happy customers! We will continue to keep #MakingLifeEasier with all of our Concierge services! Thanks for your business!
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3501-E McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204
Dry Cleaning & Laundry
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Bibbentuckers offers FREE pickup and delivery of your fine dry cleaning throughout the D/FW area. We have locations in Dallas, Plano and Southlake and offer the highest quality services, guaranteed satisfaction, and superior customer service.more »